Is Mega Star The Real Winner?

By - March 11, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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Though Mega Star Chiranjeevi wasn’t participated or supported anybody in the recent ‘MAA’ elections, many are quoted that Mega Star is behind everything and he is the real winner. Because of ‘Mega Support’ only actor Naresh has won the race, reliable sources stressed.

Earlier it was Sivaji Raja, who got the support from Mega Star Chiranjeevi and won the hot seat of ‘MAA’ (Movie Artists Association). This time also he has tried for Mega Support but failed to get the support. More interesting is, this time MAA elections have completed in a decent way when compared with the last two to three elections. The secret behind positive elections and cool atmosphere are again with ‘Mega’ intervention, one of the ‘MAA’ winners said while off-the-record.

Just with less than 800 voters and just with less than 500 votes ‘MAA’ elections were completed. Whoever wins the chair, will have to serve needy people well in a respectable manner and the new president Naresh has to take complete responsibilities of MAA activities. Congrats to the new team of MAA.

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