Big Shock To RGV And Lakshmi's NTR?

By - March 12, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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As expected, Telugu Desam Party activist approached elections commission of India against Lakshmi’s NTR release. A Ram Gopal Varma directorial, Lakshmi’s NTR is all set for release on 22nd March, but as per latest speculations, its release date may be sent to after elections.

In his complaint, TDP activist said that Lakshmi’s NTR has a potentiality to effect on voters mind so that its release has to be stopped up to the polling date, that is 11th of April. What will be the next step of RGV? Will he postpone Lakshmi’s NTR release date? Fans of RGV and die-hard fans of NTR are eagerly waiting for RGV’s response. However, RGV did what he wants to do. The damage, which RGV wants to do is done to Telugu Desam Party, one of the RGV’s fans expressed his view through social media. As per political analysts view, Lakshmi’s NTR release will be stopped because of particular provisions in elections code of conduct.

RGV’s latest response about latest developments is “Those from TDP party complaining to Election commission to STOP release of #LakshmisNTR because it might show the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister @ncbn in bad light should realise that no one can in hell can STOP TRUTH”. This shows, RGV’s confidence on his dream project.

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