Tantrums Of Star Heroines Are Worrying Producers

By - March 12, 2019 - 12:07 PM IST

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It's a general notion that our film Industry is Hero-centric and is dominated by them because they are considered to be crucial pillars who steer the cinema to new places. So, our producers agree to all their demands. But, the star heroines of the current generation are no different from them. Terrified with their huge demands and tantrums, our producers are trying to ignore star heroines in most of the cases. And it has led to a scarcity of star heroines in Tollywood. So, our filmmakers are repeating star heroines.

Though remuneration relies on their craze, our star heroines are demanding whopping salaries. Left with no other option, producers are shelling out fat cheques. Despite drawing huge money from a project, they skip taking part in movie promotions. Even if they attend promotions, star actresses tend to throw several tantrums like demanding a stay in five-star hotels, an AC caravan and expensive make-up kits. Given that producers have to bear costs of heroine and also her father, mother and personal staff, it is going to cost the makers hugely. On another hand, there is a serious allegation on star heroines that they are more interested in opening shopping malls rather than the movie promotions. 

Because opening a mall can earn them in lakhs in a few hours. So, they are highly keen to open malls. But our producers are not speaking it out because they are scared if those heroines will launch an allegation on them in the name of 'Me Too' or 'Casting Couch'. Since there is no clause in the agreement, which demands heroines to mandatorily attend promotions, our producers are unable to speak against actresses. Same is the case with Bollywood heroines, who demands high pay cheque with several tantrums. Rather than putting useless investment on such Bollywood stars, our producers are relying on South actresses only.

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