Sivaji To Join YSRCP, Likely To Campaign Against Naga Babu

By - March 21, 2019 - 01:15 PM IST

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The YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is gaining more amount of cine glamour ahead of 2019 elections. After Posani, Ali, Prithvi, Roja, Jayasudha and Krishnudu, the latest to join the party is former MAA president Shivaji Raja. After losing to Naresh in the recently held MAA polls, Shivaji has decided to devote his time for YSRCP now. The senior TV and movie artist is expected to join YSRCP shortly.

It is known that Shivaji Raja has recently warned Mega brother Naga Babu saying he would soon give a return gift to him, as the latter extended his support to Naresh in MAA election. Yesterday, Mega brother Naga Babu joined Jana Sena and is fighting for Narsapuram parliament segment. In less than 24 hours from Naga Babu joining Jana Sena, Shivaji has come up a plan to join YCP and it has become a hot topic in the industry. On another hand, a discussion on social media is that Shivaji has taken this decision to irk Naga Babu in Narsapuram election.

Talk in political circles is that Shivaji is going to campaign against Naga Babu in Narsapuram LS segment. So, the issue which started during MAA elections has now taken a new shape. It remains to be seen how Shivaji Raja, who failed to win an 800 member-MAA election, will be able to show his impact in Narsapuram Lok Sabha segment.

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