Ali's Brother Joins Jana Sena Party

By - April 06, 2019 - 04:01 PM IST

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In a shocking development comedian Ali’s brother Khayyum, who is also an actor in Tollywood has joined Jana Sena Party. It is known that Ali is a very good friend to Pawan Kalyan but he has joined in YSR Congress Party instead of joining Jana Sena Party lead by Power Star.

On the other hand, Khayyum, who is also a fan and follower of Pawan Kalyan has joined Jana Sen Party. Though Khayyum wants to join Jana Sena in presence of Pawan Kalyan, due to some unavoidable circumstances Khayyum has joined in the presence of other prominent leaders of Jana Sena. In the meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan has suffered from Sun Stroke and dehydration, thus he hasn’t campaigned as per schedule in Sattenapalli and other constituencies. Earlier, Khayyum went to Sattenapally and canvassed for Jana Sena Party.

As per schedule, Pawan has to come to Sattenapally, where Khayyum has wanted to join with Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, but things went against Khayyam's wish. However, Khayyum said that he has turned into one of the Jana Sainiks and he will continue campaigning for Jana Sena Party.


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