Why Nikhil Changes His Voice On Politics

By - April 06, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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Young hero Nikhil Siddartha has changed his voice about politics and he said that he is not belonging to any party. In his recent video, which was posted on Nikhil’s twitter page, he cleared the air that he will support any good candidate irrespective of parties.

But, why Nikhil has changed his voice? Many are wondering about it. Recently Nikhil went to Done in Kurnool District and he lends support to TDP candidate KE Pratap. It went viral in social media and many are started trolling him mercilessly. However, Nikhil is Pawan Kalyan’s fan and he is believed to be the supporter of Jana Sena Party. On the other hand, there are some rumours that Nikhil is supporting the YSR Congress Party.

In this confusion political allegations trend, Nikhil has decided to clear the air and that’s why he has posted a video, in which he has given full clarity about everything, close sources of this young hero have revealed.

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