Comedy King Brahmanandam is Back

By - April 11, 2019 - 07:30 PM IST

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After heart surgery, Comedy King of Tollywood Brahmanandam is back with his style of presence in a television channel that too raising awareness about voting. Brahmi said that vote is a weapon in democracy against evil forces and it is the right of every Indian citizen.

On the other hand, Brahmi is gearing up for his re-entry into the films. More than two decades Brahmanandam made the silver screen with full of laughs and it is known to everyone. He is the one, who has dominated even star heroes with his comedy timing. On the poll day of Lok Sabha elections, Brahmanandam casts his vote in Hyderabad. In the meanwhile, Brahmi is in plans of doing a television show and it will start soon. Earlier Brahmi did a television show based on ‘stand up comedy’ but it was stopped due to some unavoidable issues.

However, Brahmi is back with his style of humour and humanity. Fans of Brahmi and laughing lovers are pouring wishes on their favourite comedian to do more films.

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