Jersey: That is why he is Natural Star Nani

By - April 12, 2019 - 11:19 AM IST

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Natural Star Nani’s upcoming release Jersey is making a good sound in trade circles as well as in audiences. All this because of Nani and it is also about the content in the film Jersey and no doubt about it.

Directed by Gautham Thinnanuri of Malli Rava, Jersey trailer has released just a while ago and it went viral in social media within minutes of its release. All we know that cricket mania is looking all over and thanks to IPL and it is going to be a major plus point to Jersey. Coming to the trailer, Nani’s one-man show is appealing very well. Many are saying the word “That is why he is Natural Star Nani. He just nailed it”. Yes, no doubt in it. Nani makes it very big with his natural acting and screen presence. On the other hand, heroine Shraddha Srinath is also looking good in terms of acting.

In the meanwhile shot division of the film is appealing very well, the cinematography is super good, the background score helped a lot. On the overall scenario, Jersey trailer is well ‘cut’ by makers.

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