Birthday Wishes To CBN By RGV, In His Style!

By - April 20, 2019 - 02:30 PM IST

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Can we call it as ‘Return Gift’ from maverick director Ram Gopal Varma to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu? Yes, many are saying that ‘Tiger KCR’ is going to be a return gift for CBN on behalf of conspiracy against Lakshmi’s NTR in state of Andhra Pradesh.

RGV wishes CBN in his style saying “A Very Happy birthday to NCBN the most loyal and honest person that ever lived on this earth.” It clearly shows the sarcasm of Ram Gopal Varma, many of RGV fans are pouring messages in social media. On the other hand, RGV has revealed a video, in which he is speaking about ‘Tiger KCR’, which is said to be a biopic on Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhar Rao Aka KCR. It is known that RGV is getting ready for his next biopic on KCR and for sure it is also going to be another ‘Vennupotu’ story.

While responding to a tweet by one of the netizens, RGV said that “My film will not show Andhra as villains. It’s only a few Andhrollu who did vennupotu to crores of Andhrollu by creating circumstances for separation.” It clearly shows that he is targeting CBN again with his upcoming biopic ‘Tiger KCR’ and no doubt about it.

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