RAPO's iSmart Advice For Students

By - April 24, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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Young hero Ram Pothineni is making headlines with his series of tweets regarding ‘Intermediate results’ hiccups in the state of Telangana. It is known that almost 18 students have lost their lives all because of the negligence by the Telangana Government as well as Intermediate board.

Taking his twitter page, Ram Pothineni is saying that “Don’t commit suicide”, but in his style. “Inter Results ey jeevitham anukune naa thammullaki, chellillaki.. meeru jeevitham lo avvaboyedaniki.. cheyyaboyedaniki, idhi oka aa**tho Samanam. Dayachesi lite teesukondi.. Itlu Inter kooda Poorthicheyyani mee RAPO” Ram has posted his first tweet on Inter Board Murders. In his second tweet, “Park lo koorchuni biscuitlu thine pillalki ela cheppina vintaru.. Bedroom lock esukuni.. Life ela ra anukune pillalaki nizalu ila cheptene vintaru.. – RAPO” Ram Pothineni said. More interesting is, “Ram says that Inter Kooda Poorthi Cheyyani – The pride of the Nation Sachin Tendulkar Gariki Janmadhina Subhakankshalu” Ram has highlighted Cricket God Sachin’s name in his tweet.

He is not just a hero, he is an iSmart hero. Yes, he may say it with hard tone in his first tweet but, in the second tweet, he said it wise with the best ever reference. That is Ram Pothineni the iSmart Hero.


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