RGV taken into police custody in Vijayawada!

By - April 28, 2019 - 03:13 PM IST

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Little did anyone imagine that Ram Gopal Varma would spark a fresh round of debate ahead of his new directorial 'Lakshmi's NTR' release in Andhra Pradesh on May 1.

The controversial filmmaker, on Sunday, took to his Twitter and posted a video wherein he said that AP Police has taken him into custody. He tweeted, "I am In police custody now for the only crime of trying to tell truth ..THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN ANDHRA PRADESH".

Ahead of film's release, the filmmaker tried to set up a press meet in Novotel Hotel in Vijayawada on Sunday. But, he later tweeted: "Hotels in Vijayawada are being warned not to accommodate #LakshmisNTR team ..First Hotel Novotel has cancelled us and now Hotel Ilapuram. This after they have been paid in advance .. The people in power should understand that one can misuse power to delay, but no one can stop truth." Undeterred RGV has gone on to invite media folks, NTR fans, and his followers to NTR circle, Pipula Road in Vijayawada at 4 PM for an 'on-road' press meet.

Post that, RGV and his team were forcefully taken into police custody and kept at the airport. Taking an objection to what happened to them, RGV said "I don't understand how they (Police) can stop from me visiting Vijayawada and how they cannot allow me to stay at a hotel. When I and my producer have asked them, they didn't care to answer us." Finally, police authorities have sent them back to Hyderabad from Vijayawada airport.

A little while ago, Varma tweeted: "Sorry to inform that the press meet at 4 pm is cancelled because the police stopped us and have barred my entry into Vijayawada and forcibly sending me back to Hyderabad ..Hey, @ncbn WHERE IS DEMOCRACY? WHY IS TRUTH BEING BACK STABBED?"

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