Publicity 'Stunt' Master Ram Gopal Varma!

By - April 29, 2019 - 10:35 AM IST

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Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is making headlines with his latest venture Lakshmi’s NTR. Though it was earlier released in Telangana, with various reasons, people of Andhra Pradesh are still waiting for it to see the film in their own state.

However, finally it is slated for release in Andhra Pradesh on 1st of May and the hiccups about Lakshmi’s NTR have already started with RGV’s ‘big publicity stunt’ in Vijayawada, which was held yesterday. It is known that RGV is ‘publicity stunt man’ and he will do anything for his film. On the other hand, Telugu Desam Party leaders are seriously worried about this flick and he is just en-cashing that ‘heat’. Meanwhile, the hype on Lakshmi’s NTR is again reaching its top and for sure, Lakshmi’s NTR will bag big at Andhra Pradesh box-office, trade pundits are expressing their view. 

In the meantime, TDP followers are still trying to stop the flick, but for sure it will become free publicity for Ram Gopal Varma. That’s why RGV is called a Publicity Stunt Master.

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