RGV's Perfect Advice To Jr NTR

By - May 31, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is looking like a serious politician rather than filmy personality recent times. All because of Lakshmi’s NTR hiccups and there is no doubt about it. In his new series of tweets, RGV has targeted Young Tiger NTR and of course, the director has given ‘sincere and serious’ advice to the actor. Here are a series of tweets.

“If Tarak takes over TDP, all people will immediately forget TDP’s disastrous failure...NTR’s grandson can be the only saviour and if he has any respect for his grandfather he should immoderately save TDP Jai NTR Jai TARAK” “Hey @tarak9999 if u have any respect for ur grandfather, u should save the TDP party NTR founded from the man who backstabbed him then and his son who’s front stabbing it now ..Jai NTR”. “TDP party will be much greater with its leader as TARAK?” “I request u @tarak9999 just as an NTR fan, not to join the backstabber of ur grandfather, like the way ur Babai did ..What ur Babai did is a bigger vennupotu than what the alludu did”

But, as per close sources to Jr NTR, he has no interest in politics now. “Jr NTR is busy with filmy career and he has lots of respect on his grandfather late NTR as well as on Telugu Desam Party” one of the closest persons to NTR has confirmed it.

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