Falaknuma Das Movie Review & Rating

By - May 31, 2019 - 10:56 AM IST

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Movie: Falaknuma Das
Starring: Vishwak Sen, Saloni Misra, Harshita Gaur, Prashanthi Charuolingah, Uttej, Tharun Bhascker
Directed by Vishwak Sen
Producer: Karate Raju
Original Sound Track by Vivek Sagar
Cinematographer: Vidya Sagar Chinta
Art: Akhila Pemmasani, Tarun, Vinod
Editor:  Ravi Teja
Production: Jay Chandra and Gopal Upadhyay
Co-producer: Manik Rao Katokar Manoj Kumar Katokar
Banner: Vanmaye Creations In association with Vishwak Sen cinemas & Terranova Pictures & Media 9 Creative Works
Presents: Suresh Productions
Censor: A
Release Date: May 31, 2019

iQlikMovies Rating: 2.25/5

Angamali Diaries is the super successful film in Malayalam film industry. The film was remade in Telugu with the title Falaknuma Das. Viswaksen of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi fame is playing the lead role along with directing it. The film's theatrical trailer opened to a great response. The film released today and check out the film's review here.


Das (Viswaksen) is a native of Hyderabad who resides in the locales of Falaknuma. Along with his gang of friends, he starts the meat business. He slowly tastes success and it results in the growth of rivals in business. One day, while dealing with a rival, he loses his temper and indulges in a criminal activity that changes his life. What did Falaknuma Das do? How did it change his life? What happened then? Forms the story of the movie.


Viswaksen lived in the character called Flaknuma Das. He is just brilliant in the role but his performance lacks uniqueness which can keep him stand out from the rest. There are some areas that he should concentrate on, to perform well. Tharun Bhascker is a great find with the film. All of us knew him as a good director but with the film, he also proved as a good actor. Uttej played his part very well in the movie and made his presence felt. The heroines Saloni Misra, Harshita Gaur are miscast. They hardly make any impression and they failed completely in attracting the viewers.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography by Vidya Sagar Chita is so cool. He captured the rustic streets of Falaknuma and Hyderabad so well. The visuals came out really well in the movie. The editing by Ravi Teja is good. The music by Vivek Sagar is disappointing but the background score elevated the film perfectly. The artwork is good and the production design is excellent.


Falaknuma Das is a film that proves once again that remakes might not work in Telugu. The makers completely went wrong in understanding the original and have come up with a version of their own which has the soul missing in it. The film unit focused more on realistic approach, rustic backdrops and natural performances but they forgot to weave an exciting story around it. The story in the original is also not something great to be narrated but the audiences will never feel bored because of the flawless screenplay. The magic of the screenplay is completely missing here. The narration is too weak as the story does not move forward. A lot of times, the actors look too artificial on the screen and repeat the same things. The much-talked climax sequence also fails to create an impact as Viswak completely misunderstood the purpose of the long continuous shot and he just repeats it without any exciting elements.

Plus Points:

Tharun Bhascker's Presence

Minus Points:

Lack of proper Story

Final Verdict:
Falaknuma Das - Flawed & Unfaithful remake of Angamaly Dairies

--Review By Ram


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