Sunny Leone's Crazy Prank While Shooting!

By - June 28, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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There go many stories behind making a film- while some actors like to concentrate on their work, few others try to generate some fun on the sets. And Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is one of those actresses who tend to be playful and funny on the sets.

In one of the crazy incidents, while shooting her ongoing project, Sunny Leone has played a prank with her movie unit and it has shocked everyone on the sets. Going by a couple of videos posted by the actress, from her ongoing film sets, the actress collapsed after the actor fired a gun at her as part of the shoot.

Even after the director said 'Shot okay', Sunny continued to lay on the floors and unit members got scared thinking that she has really fell down. While they were attempting to wake her up, she slowly began to open her eyes with a loud laugh. Having realized that it's a prank played by Sunny Leone, the unit members got back to normal and continued to laugh along with Sunny Leone. The videos of her prank play have been posted by the actress on her social media page and they are attracting attention of netizens.

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