Sivaji Has No Intension Of Escaping?

By - July 03, 2019 - 01:30 PM IST

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Actor Sivaji was stopped at Shamshabad international airport and after he was sent to the police station, surprisingly police have just served the notices and left him, without any arrest.

Why Sivaji managed to escape arrest? Many are expressing doubts via social media. But, some are saying that there is no chance of arrest and police are looking for some answers from Sivaji regarding the TV9 issue.

Sources very close to the actor have revealed that Sivaji has all answers with him, but he is expecting some time to answer the questions regarding the case, which was filed against him.

As per the latest reports, Sivaji has received notices by police, in which police have ordered Sivaji to face inquiry regarding the case on 11th of this month. 

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