Where Is Garuda Shivaji? Why Is He Missing?

By - July 01, 2019 - 01:00 PM IST

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Actor Shivaji became a big subject of discussion in political circles after he spoke about Operation Garuda. The narration by Shivaji about BJP's plan to suppress Chandrababu Naidu's governance in AP had gone viral on social media and he later continued to support TDP supreme and hailed him as the only AP leader who will be able to bring special category status.

Until the previous government was in power, Shivaji was all over the news and he used to get some good coverage in a couple of TV channels. But, the actor turned politician has slowly begun to disappear from the mainstream and he is now having no existence in the media. However, his name recently surfaced in TV9 controversy. The Telangana Police issued a lookout notice against Ravi Prakash and Shivaji. After that, he's missing in the limelight for the reasons best known to all.

The Cyber Crime officials also issued notices to Shivaji and released a video, in which he claimed he's innocent and denied his involvement in TV9 controversy.

On the other hands, some speculations are rife that Shivaji is hiding of Bangkok and others discuss his existence in the US. In the meanwhile, a picture of Shivaji dressed up as Charlie Chaplin is now going viral on social media pages. However, no one is sure about when and where the picture was taken.

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