Baby's solid run at the box-office

By - July 08, 2019 - 08:31 PM IST

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For makers, it's a very daring decision to take up a female-oriented film because of the uncertainty that audiences may or may not turn up to the theatres. Even if the film manages to grab a good talk, current generation audiences are showing very little interest to watch a heroine-oriented film in the theatres. The recent example of it is Samantha's 'U-Turn'.

The suspense thriller attracted highly positive reviews, but it failed to set the cash registers ringing at the box-office. Having experienced that, the Akkineni Kodalu has dared to risk again and featured in 'Oh Baby'. But, this made, she broke the jinx and successful in getting good reviews and also, stunning box-office figures.

The film, which released on 5th July (Friday), has minted a decent moolah on the first day and it went on to perform even better on Saturday & Sunday. According to our trade reports, the entertainer has amassed a worldwide share of Rs 8 Cr. While it grabbed 2.26 Cr from Nizam, overseas figures are at 2.10 Cr. The box-office numbers of Guntur, Krishna and Ceeded are stable. While A and B centers gave solid numbers right from day-1, 'Oh Baby' started off very slowly in C centers. By Sunday, the film began to pick up in all centers including 'C'.

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