When Naga Shaurya Did Not Want To Spit On Samantha

By - July 12, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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Naga Shaurya is known to be very much shy and introvert. He hardly talks to women, and with him, romantic scenes are definitely a hell for the heroines. Samantha faced a lot of difficulties as she was looking forward to doing a romantic scene with Shaurya.

In Oh Baby!, there is a scene where Naga Shaurya has to spit coke on Samantha. When Shaurya read about this in the script, he said he did not want to do it because he was uncomfortable with the feeling that he has to spit on her.

“I told Nandini that whether it comes out well or not, I will do it only once and no retakes,” said Shaurya.

The scene did not come out well in the first take and so, Samantha insisted for a second take. “Samantha brought the script to me and said that when spitting is part of the script, I should not be hesitating in doing that because we are actors and whatever our job demands us to do, to give the best, we have to. She herself insisted on redoing the scene,” Shaurya added.

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