Team Saaho is Disappointing Prabhas Fans Again.

By - July 16, 2019 - 08:10 PM IST

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The most awaited PAN India release of this year is undoubted 'Baahubali' Prabhas Starrer Saaho which is slated to release on August 15 worldwide. Apart from Prabhas, the other factors making Saaho big are 300 CR budget, highest-paid VFX Effects, highly equipped technicians and a huge cast. Keeping all this in mind, fans from two Telugu states as well as other states are so much eager to watch it.

With their expectations, the producers and the director should be taking more care on output which seems to be happening inside the team, but on the outer look, there are speculations going around saying that the VFX of the film is being poor, music for the film is being delayed, the output might not be ready to the initial release date i.e. 15th August.

Coming to the promotions the posters, video song promos, the film is indulged to some extent but few of the people are disappointed who include Prabhas fans even. Whatever the negative talk is the overseas rights are sold for 42cr which is a definite hit figure. The film has an eight-minute action sequence which was shot with a 70 cr Budget.

The female lead Shraddha Kapoor is promising with her stretchings and cool steps shown in the promo song. Rebel Star Prabhas looks real-back with his intense action. Director Sujeeth took the Movie look lavish expect for few shots which include Graphics Rendering. As the film is still in post-production process the new release date of Saaho will be 30th August, reports says.

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