Puri Jagannath About His Working With Top Stars

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Puri Jagannath was one of the most sought after filmmakers who worked with all top stars, from Superstar Mahesh Babu to Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan to Jr NTR. But, he'd been through a rough patch in the recent past with back to back flops to his credit. Finally, the crazy director with a good fan following is back with a bang. His recent outing 'ISmart Shankar' is doing phenomenally well at the box-office.

While speaking about the film as part of promotions, the director was put to rapid-fire kind of thing by a TV channel. He's asked to share a short anecdote from his past experience with each star hero he's worked with. The straight forward Puri has earlier said about Mahesh that he'll prefer the filmmaker when he's in hits. When he was asked if he will work with Superstar again, Puri said: "I too have got a character to agree on it now." In this particular, Puri spoke about Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Prabhas, Balakrishna, Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi & Allu Arjun.

Pawan Kalyan- "When I narrated Badri script to Pawan, he asked to come back after a week with a change in climax portion. But, when I went back, I have detailed him the same story. Only then, he revealed that he was checking if I will commit on my story or not and agreed to do my film."

NTR- "I enjoyed working with Tarak in Goa while shooting for Temper, and he's an amazing cook. Also, I loved his character and he used to drive me in his car."

Allu Arjun- "We have enjoyed a lot working in Kulu Manali for Deshamuduru. While the rest of us were having fun and partying, Allu Arjun used to sweat it out doing his exercise."

Ravi Teja- "Ravi Teja's Idiot is a mass commercial hit in those days. While filming for that movie, he & Rakshita were attacking each other with a harsh war of words. But, once we began shooting a romantic song, they delivered a splendid performance. Later, both of them became good friends."

Ram Charan- "As part of the first schedule of Chirutha, I shot a song with him an Island. We used to travel to that Island every day where the temperature was 45° C. His skin got tanned and doctors said he lost two layers of it already and he would permanently remain dark if continues to shoot. I still remember Chiranjeevi Garu and Surekha garu coming to our place to celebrate Charan's birthday."

Prabhas- "Prabhas is a great host who always loves serving some amazing food to his guests. Almost every day, he treats someone or other with varieties of food at his home. While I was writing Bujjigadu script in Bangkok, Prabhas landed there with 2-3 assistants, who only takes care of cooking and food for him. His hospitality is amazing." 

Balakrishna- "I love Balayya and I have got many memories with him. I enjoy spending time with him. It is a boring day for us if Balakrishna is not on the sets. I won't believe in god and so, I don't have belief on Muhurtam. But, Balakrishna is a believer of god and suggests us Muhuratam (time) to begin our shoot every day. In a day, he recalls his father for about 100 times and it makes me feel that 'I may be a bad person' because I don't think of my father so much."

When he was asked about the project with Megastar, Puri said: "We planned a good comedy entertainer for his 150th movie. But, it didn't happen as they decided to go with Kathi remake. We have planned a film with Chiranjeevi Garu for 4 times, but it didn't materialize. However, I am ready to narrate my 5th script too."

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