Sree Mukhi's Wild Game In Bigg House!

By - July 23, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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One of the major contenders for Bigg Boss 3 Season Telugu reality show is none other than small screen Ramulamma Sree Mukhi and she has already started her style of gameplay in Bigg House. It is known that she has shown her dancing talent on day 1 event in Bigg Boss stage and after she has entered into the house.

After entering the house, Sree Mukhi is showing her own style of loud behavior, which is now turned as a hot topic all over. On the other hand, Sree Mukhi along with 5 other contestants has nominated by Bigg Boss.

On the process of escaping the nominations, Sree Mukhi has started her real and wild game in the house, by making groups. In the meantime, she is trying to influence other contestants and her behavior in the house making hot vibes all over.

“Sree Mukhi is behaving like the mixture of Sree Mukhi, Shyamala and Tejaswini Madivada (contestants of season 2 Bigg boss) and she is also getting much craze in youngsters” many are expressing their view.

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