Sree Mukhi's Cunning Game Plan Exposed?

By - July 30, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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One of the top contenders for Bigg Boss Telugu Third Season title is none other than Sree Mukhi and she has the ability to win the game. It is known that Sree Mukhi is the perfect entertainer on the small screen and off course she did some movies too.

However, Sree Mukh is facing serious criticism from almost all housemates and it is becoming huge set back for her in Bigg House. As per other housemates, Sree Mukhi is playing the game with cunning thoughts. Not only that but also she is trying to make rifts between other contestants, Punarnavi and other contestants have already made it clear with Bigg Boss.

On the other hand fans of Sree Mukhi are furious over the negativity on their beloved Bigg contestant. When compared with other contestants, Sree Mukhi has huge fans base in social media and they are trying to protect Sree Mukhi at maximum level.

“She is playing with equations only. She is not enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of Bigg House and it is the major problem with her. He is just acting, not living in the House” many contestants have already complained against her to Bigg Boss.

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