Shocker: Sree Mukhi To Be Eliminated?

By - July 30, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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One of the biggest shows in Telugu television history is none other than Bigg Boss and it is creating sensational vibes all over. The first contestant eliminated from the house was Hema and it is known to all. Who is going to vacate the house in the coming week? If speculations are to be believed, Sree Mukhi may be axed.

However, Sree Mukhi Army is not happy with the latest developments in the house and they are enhancing their focus to save Sree Mukhi from other contestants. “Almost all housemates have targeted Sree Mukhi and they want to throw out her from Bigg House. All because of Sre Mukhi’s talent and off course her stronger attitude also making jealous to others” followers of Sree Mukhi are saying.

On the other hand, host Nagarjuna also has given the hit about other contestants jealous nature to Sree Mukhi and it is now turned as a hot topic in social media. Meanwhile, in this week’s elimination process, five house members have complained against Sree Mukhi to Bigg boss.

Rumors and speculations apart, Sree Mukhi is the strongest contender in the house for Bigg title and she may get extra popularity and sympathy with recent developments.

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