Manchu Manoj To Announce His New Film Soon

By - August 07, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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Finally, Manchu Manoj is getting ready for his next film and he has confirmed it just a while ago. It is known that Manchu Manoj said goodbye to films a couple of months back, but with his father, Manchu Mohanbabu’s advice Manoj has taken back his words. But he remains silent about the film industry for a couple of months.

However, Manju Manoj breaks his silence and he said that he will be announcing his next project soon. Taking his social media page, Manchu Manoj said “To fall in luv with urself is D 1st step 2 success. Now, I'm loving myself & im burning inside. "My love 4 cinema is beyond anything or anyone”. Getting ready to win dis time. I guess Even destiny can't hold any1 down for too long. 15years since ‘Donga Dongadi’ Thanks 4 D luv”.

Earlier it was rumored that Manchu Manoj is in plans of joining politics and many say, for that political interest only he went into silent mode about films. When questioned about politics, Manchu Manoj said that he has no interest in joining politics.

On the other hand, it is learned that Manchu Manoj is planning for a thrilling subject and he himself will be producing the flick. We have to wait for some time to know complete details about Manchu Manoj’s re-entry.

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