Bigg Boss 3: Himaja Showing Real Colors!

By - August 10, 2019 - 07:30 PM IST

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Hosted by King Akkineni Nagarjuna, Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show has been getting good response from small screen lovers and the housemates have turned small screen sensations. Lots of developments, particularly lots of twists are happening in Bigg House and one of the big twists happens with Himaja’s new color.

Till last week, Himaja has shown her soft angle, but she is gradually showing another angle, which have the wild features. With the episode of secret task, in which Punarnavi and Ali Reza participated, Himaja exposed her negative angle.

“I don’t bother about Punarnavi and Ali Reza’s absence” Himaja said after disappearance of the two contestants, which gives huge shocks to remaining contestants. “Himaja is very strong and he has the perfect game plan. We have estimated her stamina to the lowest level. But, she is very strong’ many of housemates are saying this now.

Bigg Boss is a special game and everybody will show their real colors gradually to achieve the target. But, Himaja is looking like a surprise pack.

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