Bigg Fight: Sree Mukhi Vs Rahul Sipligunj

By - August 14, 2019 - 10:30 AM IST

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Even though they are good friends before entering into the Bigg House, Sree Mukhi and Rahul Sipligunj are now turned as rivals all because of ‘game plan’. It is known that Sree Mukhi is one of the top-rated television anchors and Rahul Sipligunj is a popular singer. Both have much popularity and they are the Bigg contenders in the third season.

In the recent episode, Sree Mukhi once again has distanced from Rahul Sipligunj with her style of attitude. When Bigg Boss ordered the contestants to participate in a task, Sree Mukhi has selected Rahul Sipligunj as her team member due to the physical fitness of the singer.

But, later in the task, when Rahul has tried to take ‘dragon egg’ from Sree Mukhi things went wrong. Sree Mukhi warned Rahul as “don’t touch me’. However, Rahul finally pulled the egg from Sree Mukhi and this is all happened after saying sorry to Sree Mukhi.

Bigg Boss is a reality show mixed with lots of tasks. We have witnessed so many tasks; some of them have physical contacts. Many lefts wondered Sree Mukhi’s attitude of “don’t touch”.

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