Is Rahul Being Influenced By Punarnavi And Vithika?

By - August 14, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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In Bigg Boss house Rahul Siplingunj is someone who is being hated by some of the contestants in recent times. He has changed a lot as a person. Host Nagarjuna has even warned Rahul asking him to keep his tongue in control and to not use filthy language.

But Rahul still hasn’t understood the seriousness of what Nagarjuna has said. He has talking against Sreemukhi and is not addressing her with some respect at least. He has become on the main member of Varun and Vithika’s group and is being influenced by them is what all can see.

Also, he is someone who interferes in other’s matters and this is nothing but poking nose in things which don’t need his interference. Himaja is someone who is getting affected the most because of this characteristic of Rahul and she has complained the same to Bigg Boss about the same thing.

So there have been many comments on how Rahul is playing the game and even viewers are saying that he is being influenced.

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