Rahul Ravindran To Direct King Nag Again?

By - August 14, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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King Akkineni Nagarjuna has tasted bitter result with his recent outing Manmadhudu2, which was directed by actor turned director Rahul Ravindran. The ‘hot’ factor in the film has made major ‘negative’ impact and it is known to all.

On the other hand, in his recent interview, Rahul Ravindran said that he wants to do an action-based film with King Nagarjuna. “Actually I want to make an action entertainer with Nag. But, King Nag has decided to do a fun-filled move” Rahul Ravindran said in his interview before Manmadhudu2 release.

If gossips are to be believed, King Nag may again plan to do a film with Rahul Ravindran. “Yes, there are some discussions about the project still going on. Rahul may direct King Nag again soon” close sources to the Akkineni compound have revealed.

Meanwhile, there are some gossips saying that Rahul Ravindran is in plans of doing a flick with a young hero soon.

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