Serious Threat For Saaho From them?

By - August 17, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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The biggest culprits for cinema industry in India are none other than Tamil Rockers. The piracy gang is making heavy sound whenever a film released in theaters. It becomes very common to them to release piracy versions within hours after the film’s release.

Whatever the film may be, it cannot escape from Tamil Rockers and many producers have already complained about this serious issue to the concerned authorities. Latest we heard was, Tamil Rockers have started threatening Saaho, which is scheduled for release on 30th of August.

Not only Saaho, but also Sye Raa team also may face Tamil Rockers threats soon, one of the film personalities expressed his view. As of now, Tamil Rockers are targeting mainly Tamil movies. On the other hand, recently Sharawnand’s latest outing Ranarangam was leaked online and it was happened through Tamil Rockers.

Saaho is one of the biggest films in Indian cinema and the makers have to act with serious mode against Tamil Rockers.

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