Baba Bhasker Cannot Take Emotions

By - August 21, 2019 - 02:30 PM IST

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Bigg Boss contestant Baba Bhasker is someone who is pretty much jovial than anyone else in the house. Since the first episode, he is someone who is pretty much sportive among all of them and has been considered as the elder one amongst all. All the other contestants in the house respect him and treat him well.

But in the last few episodes, few of the contestants have targeted him and have been nominating him for some really petty and silly reasons. In the recent nomination session, Ali Reza has nominated Baba Bhasker and this is something that hurt the latter really bad, emotionally.

Baba Bhasker had tears in his eyes the minute he was nominated by Ali. He couldn’t take the nomination from Ali especially because he trusted in him very much. Baba Bhasker cried and spoke about this with Sreemukhi and she has given him all the necessary support. This is definitely not nice because he has to be a little stronger to be the house and play the game.

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