Film Celebs Tweet In Support Of #PrayForAmazon

By - August 23, 2019 - 12:30 PM IST

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The world's largest tropical rainforest Amazon, Brazil is now in flames. The frequent fires and drier conditions have led to raging of flames at a record rate. As the deep forest is slowly turning into ashes, scientists warn it's going to be a huge blow for environmentalists who fight against climate change. According to the National Institute of Space Research in Brazil, Amazon has witnessed 73,000 fire accidents in last one year. Between 2013-2018, the number of fire accidents jumped by 83%. Several film celebs too spoke about it and tweeted about catastrophe, and we are bringing to some of them:

Mahesh Babu: "Deeply disturbing news... the #AmazonRainforest, rightfully called the 'lungs of our planet'... contributing to 20% of the world's oxygen is on fire!!! This is a wake-up call for all of us who are taking our planet for granted... #PrayfortheAmazon"

Alia Bhatt: "The 'lungs of our planet' are burning! The #AmazonRainforest is home to about 3 Mn species of plants & animals and 1 Mn indigenous people. It plays an important role in keeping the planet's carbon dioxide levels in check. We won't exist without it! #SaveTheAmazon #PrayforAmazonas"

Allu Arjun: "The largest rainforest in the world, produces 20% of earth's oxygen, home to one million indigenous people, home to millions of plants and animals. It going to impact on climate change in a big way. #amazonforest"

Honey Singh: "The Amazon rainforest has been on fire for weeks, and the blaze is so huge that its smoke can be seen from space. Give this the attention it deserves. Spread awareness #PrayForTheAmazon"

Nithin: "This is a REAL TRAGEDY!! The Amazon is burning!! The planet's lungs are in serious danger. This isn't just trees, This is animals and their habitats, Tribes and their homes...And 20% of the oxygen we breathe!! Please take a minute to help spread awareness of this catastrophe."

Manchu Lakshmi: "Together we can spread awareness. Together we can fight this. It's a wake-up call. And it's high time we make some noise about climate change. Our world needs our support. Now more than ever. #PrayforAmazonas #SaveAmazonRainforest"

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