Don't Compare Saaho With Baahubali: Prabhas

By - August 26, 2019 - 05:00 PM IST

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Young Rebel Star Prabhas has made it clear that we can’t compare Saaho with Baahubali. “Baahubali is a special film and of course every film is special for me, but it is not good to compare Saaho with Baahubali” Prabhas said in his latest interview.

“We are going to entertain audiences with Saaho and it is an action-oriented film and of course, it has all elements like Romance, emotions, fun, and everything” Prabhas asserted. When questioned about ‘Hindi actors dominating Telugu actors’, Prabhas said that the film has lots of Telugu talent and he specially mentioned ‘Vennela Kishore Garu’ and it is sounding very good. That is the ‘character’ of Darling Prabhas, many of his fans are saying.

“Maybe after the film’s release, lovely ladies may hate me” Prabhas answered for a question, relating to the scene of Baahubali, in which Prabhas has supported Anushka in a particular point.

Saaho is hitting theaters on 30th August in a never before manner and the film has already got much hype and expectations.

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