Stunner: Classic 'Baby' Song From Saaho!

By - August 26, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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One more stunner from Saaho has come out just a while ago and as usual, it went viral all over. The stunner is none other than “Baby won’t you tell me’ song promo and It is going to be one of the classic songs and it has that much bright and beautiful depth of emotional feelings.

Cinematography is excellent as usual and the music was composed very well. On the whole, it is looking like a visual feast. The beauty of the lead pair was elevated on it is top-level and especially Shraddha Kapoor is looking very expressive as her eyes are speaking so many things.

On the other hands, handsome hunk Prabhas is looking like a Hollywood hero with different makeovers in the song. More interesting in the song is, ‘the lip-lock’ scene between the lead pair.

Locations, where the song was canned are never seen in Indian cinema. 

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