Vithika Sheru Argues With Varun And Ravi In The Task

By - September 04, 2019 - 03:05 PM IST

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In the latest episodes of Bigg Boss, it is seen that Vithika Sheru, during the task, has been arguing with her husband Varun Sandesh and Ravi Krishna. As a part of the task, there have a lot of fights, physically, and this leads to a major fight between Vithika and Ravi and Sreemukhi-Punarnavi.

The housemates have also tried to grab the gun that Shilpa Chakravarthy had with her and dethrone her. She fought back and during the task when housemates are attending Rahul, and he apparently hurt his leg. That is when Vithika tried to grab the gun and this lead to a fight between Vithika and Rahul. The housemates have tried to calm down them, but nothing worked out. Well, the task is still on and the result of it is yet to be known. Looks like this task is going to win them the luxury budget task.

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