Bigg Boss Suspends The Task, Punishes The Responsible One

By - September 05, 2019 - 10:13 AM IST

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‘Dongaludochina Nagaram’ is the new task that has been given to the contestants of Bigg Boss 3, by the Bigg Boss himself. This is the most hyped and popular task among all the other tasks that have been given to the housemates to date. The contestants were divided into two groups and Shilpa Chakravarty, the wild card entrant, has been made the Bandit queen.

Ravi Krishna, Vithika and Sreemukhi, Punarnavi had a major outbreak of fight in between them due to the task. There has been some physical violence too, in the process of the game and it went out of control. Shilpa was hurt during the game and she started crying too.

Looking at all these, Bigg Boss has suspended the task and all the efforts the contestants have put, have gone in vain. Also, he is going to punish those people who are responsible for all this.

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