A Mumbai Based Restaurant Has Named A Thali As 'Saaho Thali'

By - September 05, 2019 - 10:38 AM IST

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In the release week of Prabhas starrer film Saaho, a restaurant in Mumbai has recreated a special menu -'Saaho Thaali'. The restaurant named as ‘Maharaja Bhog’, express their love for the upcoming magnum opus and as a dedication to Prabhas, they have curated a menu specifically designed and named it ‘Saaho Thaali’. They have started the menu today and much to their delight, people are already enjoying the massive plate of Indian delicacies.

The massive Saaho Thali includes the dishes of Paneer veg Kolhapuri, Bhindi Dahiwala, Aloo Suva Sukha Bhaji and Chole Masala in the vegetable section, Rajasthani Dal, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gujarati Dal,  Gujarati Kadhi in the Daal section, Fulka roti, Bajra roti, green peas puri, steam rice, khichdi, Kesari pulav in the roti and rice section, Indori Samosa, Ring Dhokla in Farsaans, Dal Pakwan in the specials and Elaichi shrikhand, apple halwa, in desserts.

Prabhas, on getting to know about the same, shares his happiness. “The way people go out of their way to support me and my films is overwhelming. I cannot thank them enough. Dedicating an entire menu for Saaho is just amazing. I am touched. I hope I can keep doing enough justice with my films for my fans to keep their love and support for me intact!”

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