Can We Compare Payal With Vijaya Shanthi?

By - September 11, 2019 - 01:00 PM IST

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Mass director VV Vinayak has compared Payal Rajput with Lady Super Star Vijaya Shanthi and it is creating some interesting buzz in Tollywood. Yes, why not? Many are expressing their view, all because of RDX Love.

Payal Rajput’s latest venture RDX Love has turned hot topic in Tollywood as its trailer was released yesterday and it went huge hit. Though the film has faced serious criticism with its teaser, Trailer is making some good sound.

Many lefts wondered after watching Payal Rajput in a dynamic avatar instead of the sultry avatar in RDX Love trailer. Director Vinayak has revealed the trailer yesterday and said that Payal is looking like Vijaya Shanthi.

The power in her eyes makes the difference. In Rx100 too Payal did it with her acting skills along with skin show. However, it is too early to compare Payal with Lady Super Star. But, it is true that she has the chance.

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