Punarnavi And Vithika Waiting For Right Time To Nominate Rahul?

By - September 11, 2019 - 10:18 AM IST

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, it is seen that the talks about nominations are still on. Surprisingly, Rahul Sipligunj has not been nominated by any of hai fellow contestants. This has been a shock to everyone in the house. Almost in all the six weeks of eliminations, Rahul has been nominated by someone or the other.

Well, we can see that in the episode, Punarnavi and Vithika have been talking about nominating Rahul and one of them have said that they are waiting to nominate Rahul at the right time because if they do from now itself, he would definitely keep up some grudge on them. There are many in the house who are waiting for the right time to hit it hard at Rahul.

Punarnavi is so close to Rahul and it always looks like something is cooking in between them. So the audience are not getting a proper idea of what is actually happening there.

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