Vithika Sheru, The New Captain Of The House

By - September 13, 2019 - 11:38 AM IST

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The recent task in Bigg Boss was held to select one captain for the house. Male Contestants were asked to carry female contestants on their back and run from one place to another to place flags in the right place. This was a very difficult task as each female contestant is of different weight and how far can men run that way?!

Ravi played the game well with tons of energy and has given his super performance by carrying Sreemukhi. Well, finally, it is Vithika Sheru who won the task and she is the new captain of the house. This is the first time Vithika is taking charge as captain of the house and the second time the house is having a female contestant as captain.

Vithika said that she’s going to do her best and give her best to make sure all the rules of the house will be followed by the rest of her house. But she is known to be one of the most controversial contestants of the house, so let us see what she is going to do till she remains to be taking charge as the captain.

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