Bigg Boss throws a party to contestants

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Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss was pretty much entertaining. All the contestants, and audience as well have enjoyed the day very much, irrespective of a small argument between Sreemukhi and Varun Sandesh.


Bigg Boss had called all the contestants to the confession room and they were given some tasks to do. Sometimes individual contestants and the rest were two each. After performing these tasks, contestants had to go into the hall and make everyone believe that they really did what Bigg Boss asked them to do. To a few contestants, Bigg Boss asked them to lie to their fellow contestants and asked them what is the truth and what is not.


Bigg Boss promised all of them a dinner party if the majority of them have said the true answers. From eating pastries to doing 50 sit-ups, from reciting poems to saying alphabets in reverse, the contestants were given all kinds of funny tasks. Well, this is just a sort of entertainment before Nagarjuna comes to the show to start the elimination phase. Let us see who would get eliminated this time.

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