Nagarjuna loses patience on Bigg Boss show

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The Saturday episode of Bigg Boss has started just like fire. Hot and spreading smoke all over. Nagarjuna Akkineni, the host of the show entered the stage with a lot of anger. The minute he came, he took out a shoe and began polishing it. Which means, that he is there to talk about it.


He spoke to Mahesh Vitta first and told him that he is tearing off his invitation to the show and that he can walk out of the show right now. Also, he got the gates opened. He appreciated Rahul for dealing with Mahesh in a matured way and for convincing him.


Also, he told Punarnavi that using cuss words or unparliamentary language in the house is not allowed. He told her that she has to keep her tongue in control. For convincing her to complete the task of polishing the shoes, Varun has convinced her a lot. Nagarjuna said, “Varun, we couldn’t show the whole thing to the audience, but we know that you have convinced her for 5 long hours. Hats off to your patience.”


Also, he warned Sreemukhi to not to behave as if he is the boss of the house.

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