Punarnavi changes her decision about Rahul

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Since the beginning of the show, Punarnavi Bhupalam and Rahul Siplingunj have had tiffs in between them and have had some good moments too. But Punarnavi has never been stable or stood by what she decides. Her fellow contestants are always confused and shocked with the number of mood swings and shades she shows to them.


On Saturday, while talking to Nagarjuna and playing the task he gave on the show, Punarnavi has said that she wants to end her friendship with her so-called best friend Rahul Sipligunj.


“I always considered him my best friend. But I feel like its fake when he says the same thing. When I say something as a friend, he cannot take it. I don’t need such kind of friends at all. Even when he cannot understand him, I don’t need such friends at all,” she said.


Rahul looked pretty much disappointed with what Punarnavi has said. Well, let us see what comes in the upcoming episodes from them.

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