What Is Wrong With Bigg Boss Wild Card Entrants?

By - September 16, 2019 - 01:00 PM IST

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Did the management of Bigg Boss choose wrong people as wild card entrants for season 3? Because both the wild card entrants of this show have been eliminated after two weeks of entering the house and this is shameful. Is it really because of votes or they were invited just to be in the house for two weeks?

First wild card entrant Tamanna Simhadri, when entered the show, a lot of hype was created around her but was evicted right after two weeks. It is the same case with Shilpa Chakravarthy also, whereas audiences have expected her to stay there.

In the first season, Navdeep was the wild card entrant and he went up to the finals. He gave the toughest competition to others in the house and entertained the audience really well. People loved watching him actually.

In season two, actress Pooja Ramachandran entered the show as wild card entry and she too has done her part well. Though she did not make it to finals, she wasn’t eliminated after two weeks.

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