Rahul impresses audiences with his skills

By - September 16, 2019 - 09:36 AM IST

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On Sunday, in Bigg Boss show, Nagarjuna wanted to fill the show with some fun as Saturday has happened on a serious note. Nagarjuna was suddenly reminded of the jingle which Himaja has on her name, and asked the contestants to sing it.

Meanwhile, he thought that all the contestants have to have jingles for each of them and so, has said that he will take a break and meanwhile asked Rahul to get the jingles ready.

Once he was back from break, Rahul, one after the other, has made the jingles ready and has composed tunes for them. He wrote them in minutes and choreography by Baba Master was done.

Rahul has written the songs so well that all the jingles of the contestants sounded really well and the lyrics were amazing. Impressed with the work he has done, Nagarjuna has appreciated Rahul and praised him for the skills and talent he has.

Not just the host, but even audiences feel that Rahul has lot of talent and that he use it in the proper way without wasting that talent and time as well.


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