Tasks In Bigg Boss Have Been Ridiculous

By - September 17, 2019 - 09:46 AM IST

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In Monday’s episode, Bigg Boss has come up with something different, strange and ridiculous tasks which have put the contestants in an uncomfortable position. To begin the elimination process, the Bigg Boss has put up a telephone booth in the house and when it rang, Sreemukhi was the first one to answer the call.

For answering it, she has been nominated directly by Bigg Boss and she has been given a task in case she wants to get saved from elimination. It was told to her that Sreemukhi has to convince Baba Bhasker to clean shave his beard. To save Sreemukhi, Baba master shaved his beard.

To save Punarnavi, Rahul was asked to have twenty glasses of bitter gourd juice. To save Varun, Sreemukhi got a tattoo of Bigg Boss eye. She has taken a lot of pain while getting it done. To save Baba Bhaskar, Ravi was asked to dump all his shoes in the paint. To save Himaja, Varun was asked to soak himself in cow dung.

But Himaja failed in saving Mahesh and so, he has been nominated for eliminations. Rest of them are yet to be continued in tomorrows episodes.

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