Which Housemate Will Get The Chance Of Meeting Their Family Member?

By - September 19, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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In both season 1 and 2, the makers of Bigg Boss show have invited the family members of the contestants to their house and have surprised them. Those moments were unbelievable and unforgettable for the contestants. In the same way, season 3 is also going to have it, but in a different way.

A new promo of the show reveals that the Bigg boss is going to let the contestants meet their family members. But here is the twist. Not everyone is going to meet their family members.

The special guests of the show are asked to pick some red boxes and whoever gets and ‘eye’ in their box, will be going to meet their family member, who is a contestant in the house. This looks pretty hard on the contestants because even after being able to see their loved ones after 60 days, which is two months, they can’t talk to them or even touch them.

Looks like Sreemukhi has become very much emotional after seeing her brother Sushruth. She is seen crying badly in the promo and maybe, looks like she missed the opportunity of missing her brother. Till now, irrespective of the situations and backfiring in the house she has never cried. Let us see what this episode has to offer to its audience. 

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