New Promo Of Bigg Boss Triggers Danger

By - September 19, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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The new promo of Bigg Boss, which is of the episode which is going to be aired on Thursday, looks like there’s something that the contestants are going to see as dangerous and something is going to come their way and it is going to leave them with tears.

In the promo, we could see that family members, one each of each contestant has come to the Bigg Boss house and seeing them, the contestants have started crying over it. Sreemukhi’s brother, Mahesh’s sister and Varun Sandesh’s father showed in the promo.

We could see that the family members were picking up some boxes from a tray that were kept at one place, and simultaneously, it is shown that Sreemukhi and Jyothi were weeping, while Ravi was trying to control them.

Nobody knows what is in that box and what is making the contestants cry. The contestants have completed 60 days in the house, successfully, and with each passing day, they are gearing up themselves for the elimination process.

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