Shiva Jyothi Cuts Her Hair To Save Ravi From Elimination

By - September 18, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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In Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss, it was all about Ravi Krishna being saved from elimination. He and Rahul were left from being nominated and getting tasks done. There has been a lot of curiosity among the audience and contestants to know what Rahul and Ravi are going to face.

Finally, when Ravi got the call, Bigg Boss told him that he can get saved from elimination only if Jyothi agrees to cut her hair to the neck length.

When Ravi told Jyothi that she has to cut her hair in order to save him, Jyothi was super happy to do it for Ravi as she is pretty much close to him. She told him not to feel bad that her husband would say something to him later. She said she will be very happy to do it to save him and feels it is her duty.

Without a second thought, she went, got the scissors and cut her hair. Ravi was seen being a little disappointed and upset as Jyothi had to cut her hair for him. But things went on smoothly.

Also, Jyothi was pretty much happy with her new look.

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