Because Of Re-Entry, There's No Elimination At All This Week?

By - September 18, 2019 - 10:07 AM IST

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While there’s a lot that is happening inside the house with back to back takes and issues happening in the house already, the recent episodes, which were aired on Monday and Tuesday have become the hot topic everywhere as contestants come forward to save each by various sacrifices.

From shaving beard to get a hair cut, from getting a tattoo done to soaking themselves in dung, the contestants have done a lot. Things have changed a lot with these new twists and tasks in the show.

As per the latest report, it is said that there is going to be no elimination this week and voting for re-entry is going to start. An official and from Bigg Boss management is awaited. Talking about elimination, it will be revealed only till Nagarjuna says so.

Also, all the tasks that the contestants have done in the last two days and the sacrifices they have done are going to go in vain if this is happening. Let us wait and see what is there to say.

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